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This article will teach you basics of the most popular methodologies used today. It’s important to note that methodologies are a collection of methods and that can include a long list of items. It can be life cycles and stages, practices and values, and even principles. It can also be terms and roles. Sometimes the definitions can be fluid and sometimes they’re rigid and well-defined. Above all, however, these methodologies are software based so a lot of the descriptions include processes and terminology used in the technology sector and consumer electronics. Where necessary, descriptions and definitions are provided for clarity…

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This is not just another article on reading books. It’s more than that. It’s books that have the potential to change many important beliefs you have about the world. You may believe, for example, that AI will eventually overtake humanity. We will be helpless and unable to fight back. You may also believe that one day you will be old and unable to move. Life won’t be as exciting then and you’re forced to simply let aging take its course. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t always that way. You may actually be wrong.

Why you ask? I…

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Writing is a tough business. You start with a few words then stall out. Then you hit writers block completely after trying again (trust me I’ve been there many times). Sometimes the writing comes naturally; other times not at all. I’ve sat down and rewritten hundreds if not thousands of papers because I was tired of how it sounded, or I thought this just misses the point completely (who hasn’t?). But I’ve one thing I’ve learned is there is always a way around our more difficult challenges writing even if it seems impossible. Here are some of my favorites:


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In 2020, I decided to improve my business skills. I am not talking just the ability to negotiate. I wanted to practice how to program and use business software. Am I an expert? No, but I don’t need to be. I need to just be competent to get the job done. That’s what started my journey.

I focused a specific set. I wanted to learn Excel, Python, and AWS. But I knew Excel had something like 200 formulas, while the possible combinations of lines of code could be endless on Python. Services on AWS were no better at over…

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It’s not an easy question to answer. There seems to be a lot of them. YouTube, Microsoft support, Udemy and so many others produce bad content sometimes. You want an answer, you spend your time searching for it, only to find that the answer is way too long, or it doesn’t contain the information you need. This is a challenge, and it has not been solved by simply browsing the internet.

Last year in 2020 I spent a lot of time working on a new set of hard skills. I wanted to learn Excel and it’s VLOOKUP formula. I practiced…

Jerome John

Jerome John is a graduated of Crafton Hills College, the University of Redlands, and Western Governors University.

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